Q:  Do I need previous dance experience?

A:  No! Just show up!  Most of the dances we do are line dances; no partner needed.

Q: Do I need a special outfit?

A:  No! Wear comfortable clothing.  We ask that dancers wear soft soled shoes to protect the floor.  Remember to layer! You can get quite warm dancing.

Q: What is a typical night like?

A:  We start and end the session with general dancing, with two dances taught each evening.

Q:  What types of dances do you include?

A:  Non-partner dances are done in lines or circles or as individuals.  Partner dances are done as couples, in sets or contra lines

Q:  Can I request a dance?

A:  Yes, we have a large repertory of dance music from which you can request. 

Q:  Do you have childcare?

A:  No, we do not have childcare. We do welcome school age children who come with their parents/guardian and encourage them to learn appropriate dances.

Q: Are you affiliated with other groups?

A: We are affiliated with the Folk Dance Federation of California, South, Inc.socalfolkdance.com